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§ The launch of “Alia Mundi” §

The idea of creating a magazine that would promote cultural diversity, was born primarily out of a desire for a kind of cultural enlightenment and the broadening of knowledge about other nations, their culture, traditions and customs, and, perhaps most importantly, by drawing attention to the richness of Serbian cultural heritage and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Magazine "Alia Mundi” has its own mission, which is to spread and promote the idea of cultural diversity, which is globally represented by UNESCO. The founder and Editor-in-Chief is Serbian writer and researcher Dr. Ana Stjelja from Belgrade, Serbia.

Magazine "Alia Mundi” is a regional project that tends to strengthen the cultural bridge between the nations of the ex-YU region (former Yugoslavia), as well as presenting some lesser-known elements of the world cultural heritage, and culture, traditions, and customs of the various nations of the world.

Through seven sections: AM introduces..., AM interview, Globetrotters, Art Culture Religion, Following Serbian cultural heritage, Globus, The Gate of Balkans,readers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with whether institutions or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the spread of ideas of cultural diversity, through cultural, artistic, literary or scientific activities. The magazine will be presenting, as prominent contemporaries, as well as famous personalities of Serbian and world history whose work paved the way to the idea of cultural diversity, fighting against xenophobia and various prejudices related to other and different. Also, the magazine will endeavour to present the works in the field of culture and art which are related to the idea of cultural diversity, but also to take the readers to various parts of the world through travelogues of famous travel writers as well as the travels of modern globetrotters.

a magazine for cultural diversity

The first issue of "Alia Mundi” will bring some interesting texts on diverse world cultures: Iranian, Russian, Saudi, Tajik, Gypsy, Sephardic, Bosnian, Serbian and Indian. The cover of the magazine will be Rangoli art by Rangoli artist Latika Chawda from Wardha. This will be the unique opportunity for the European readers to get acquainted with this ancient Indian art.

Magazine "Alia Mundi” primarily wants to contribute to raising awareness of cultural diversity. "Alia Mundi” tends to show that the world is as rich as far as nourishing different cultures and that it should be united in its cultural diversity and multiculturalism.  

If it succeeds in that, the mission of the magazine "Alia Mundi” will be completely filled!

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